Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kiss Me Deadly

Alright, chaps. Take all the water out of that sea and put it in these cardboard boxes. Make sure you assemble the boxes correctly first, of course. Some favour a line or two of sellotape along the joins as a precaution; others cite the same some silly, going so far as to say that they weigh the day ill when the chill wind of "just in case" shall pause us on our march to space where by the grace of Hay we shall live to toast another day. Or night. Bright. Very bright in here. What time is it? How many, and what are we actually even counting?

A long line of chaps, stretching across the desert from the crash site, bucket-brigading bits and pieces of us to the road, where there was a lead-lined ambulance waiting under guard. I have to take this on trust, of course. Wasn't awake (or at least not in the sense I think you think I probably mean) to see it. although I do remember looking up from the bottom of a bucket and seeing a cheerful squaddie looking in at me, cheerily wording all colloquial-like, even as the hand that held the handle of the pail began to ever so slightly glow.


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