Thursday, January 11, 2007

Egg and bacon in a lighthouse of your choice.

Grateful as they were to be sitting in Woomera rather than Moscow, they would still insist on black bread and acorn coffee for breakfast. They had no problem with our beer, however, taking to light ale with gusto and gradually replacing their old marching songs with such gems as 'Roll Out The Barrel' and 'My Old Dutch'. Whilst in their cups they would occasionally succumb to reminiscence and amaze us all with stories of living nervous systems maintained electrically in saline solutions or human eyes attached to cine cameras instead of ground lenses. A roll of film was instanced to support the claim that the picture quality was far greater than anything hitherto achieved by non-organic optics, and I have to admit that the case was well made. Who knows what leaps might have been made- placing Britain in the forefront of the field- if the unfortunate man in question had not taken to secreting various acids in a tin cup, gradually filling a bath tub with same and then, quietly, with no more fuss than an unexpectedly fond handshake all round, slipping naked into the liquid?


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