Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The heart is, after all, made of meat.

Trains stopping at a station as yet unbuilt. Waiting for what? There was a chocolate machine, however, which seemed to have sprouted from the earth (Ha!) or perhaps that was just the impression given by the coarse local grasses tufting around it, making approach in search of sweets a matter for caution. Even I could tell that the blades of that grass were like swords and would make rashers of any poor sod silly enough to venture too close with his penny.

Which reminded me that chocolate costs money. The girl waved from the window of her compartment again. Had she had any change? Had I asked her about that? Of course I must have. And her answer must have been no because there was nothing in my pocket. The engine made an impatient noise.

Time was of the essence (Repetition?- Ed). The grass was on to me too. Even as I took a deep breath prior to my first attempt on the chocolate machine, it threw up new shoots and shook out new blades. If I am wounded in this attempt, I thought to myself, she- dear heart- will summon help and then I'll be exposed as an escapee. What a time for it to start raining pennies.


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From the lead toybox.

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