Thursday, September 24, 2009


All of the trainees holidayed in Garma. Or at least they did so eventually. Both together and, increasingly, separately. Many of them retired there, whether they know it or not. Such details are impossible to check, particularly in the off season. Sightings of the lady in the yellow dress continue to be recorded, however. The weather is the same as ever.

The waters are said to possess certain properties conducive to the mental peace of those most extremely affected. I have a postcard of the hotel on my bedside locker still. Even now, I could walk there. And the crunch of the stones on the beach beneath my...Why am I seeing space boots when I look down at my feet?

One can check in for a single night or for a longer stay. It might have been Logan who first...But now I'm thinking about boots again. Crunching along the shore of- Wait a minute: They don't have water on the moon. Nor would I be able to hear the crunch of my boots, out there. This is the sort of confusion I have to keep quiet about, if I ever want to walk out through that gate. So a moment's thought brings clarity: I'm not the one wearing the space suit. It's those two chaps following me along the beach at what they imagine is a discreet distance, put up to this by Dr Blackmann, no doubt. And if I'm walking along the beach in Garma, then this must be the past. Oh, thank god.


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